OK hello, as you all can tell this is my first ever Blog . Here on this site i will share with you everything i learned in almost 30years of riding bikes  to make your journey easy , yes all my mistakes on bikes in the biker scene , wrenching on bikes i figured you do not have to do what i already have screwed up.

It’s free i have to give it back . So this is it during the day i will help you choose and find and ship the best parts off our site http://www.partsopedia.com . And when i feel like or have extra time i will get my pencil sharpened .


Good for everybody i learn more about writing so eventually i can get the whole story in one book and yes please let me know when i make a mistake . For you if i can prevent ONE accident , a messed up Harley or a stupid fight i am happy .

This bike started my Journey

This bike started my Journey



In today’s world it seems like every motorcycle manufacturer cuts a piece off the Harley-Davidson. Every one is trying you to sell us a chopper cruiser and cash in  on Harley’s market ,history and hard work. Don’t get me wrong if you stick your head in the wind on hondawaski perfectly fine if you are happy.

For me it has to be  a Harley otherwise i strictly refuse to ride that’s it .

Anyway back to the point i am trying to make here i am trying to explain to you folks a very important fact every Harley Rider should know , everyone out there that rides a Harley should not only live up to the code ( more of that in my later blogs ) they should also know what a REAL V-twin engine is !

What you don’t know !?

Let me tell you a thing most of the professional bike builders out there do not know and that is why a Harley sounds like it sounds every ignition in Only the Harley motor has the secret of the mathematical relation of ,…. 1:0,7777777 .

Just like Doc Baumann writer at Biker News says who wants to over explain the unexplainable myth.

There is a reason for the sticker we all have seen

“if i have to explain you wouldn’t understand Harley -Davidson and why we ride them”

However if the bikers do not research these facts then we will become market sheep’s of the surface oriented wanna be ” authentic ”  Yamhondawasaki fake lifestyle products.

No matter what they do a valve a fake made to sound exhaust , Softail look a like fender struts ,.. it will never be a Harley-Davidson.